Hello to all wet shavers !
Hello gentlemen , my name is Akis , i am 44 years old and i live in Athens - Greece . Wink

First of all i apologise for using English , but unfortunately i am not at all fluent in Turkish language (even thought we have a lot of words with common origin).

Being a wet shaver for almost 30 years , i used exclusively a Gillette Black Beauty that my father gave to me in my 14th birthday and i shave with a DE ever since.

Secondly i want to express my sincere admiration for the wonderful Turkish products that you have !
I am using Arko, Derby and Blueness (it's the same as the old Camelot if i am not mistaken) shaving stick , Duru Cologne and couple of more things.

You should feel proud of these amazing products that you have my friends ! Smile

I also would like some assistance - information from you.
A colleague of mine will be visiting Istanbul in a couple of weeks , and i convinced him to get me some products , but i cannot locate any physical stores in Istanbul that sells Arko , Derby , Duru ,Evin etc.

I already have send an e-mail (in English) to Evyap Cosmetics Customer Support Headquarters but unfortunately had no answer ...

Do you know any local stores addresses in Istanbul that have the products i am looking for ?

Very much obliged ,

Kind regards and Happy Shaves to all of you !

İmpa Ticaret
Tahtakale cad. Pacaci sk.
No:5 Eminonu-İst.

Tel: 0212 522 44 93
Fax: 0212 519 24 28
e-mail: [email protected]

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Thank you very much my friend !
Hello Akis,

We are very glad to hear your kind words about Turkish products. As a friend here already posted a shop with the most extensive selection of wet shaving products I will not repeat this. There is a place very close to this shop Zazahan. It is where many barbershops get their supplies, so your friend may find more of the kind of products you mentioned.

Tahtakale Cad.
Zaza Han No: 20
Fatih / İstanbul

Arko Soap, Cream and Aftersaves and Duru Cologne's can be found from almost any chain supermarkets.
I use Arko shaving soap most of the time even thought i have a lot of other soaps.

Many shavers find the scent a bit apprehensive but to me it smells like fresh clean ivory soap.

And the lather is excellent !

Thank you for the information @kokopelli !!

Much obliged!
Καλώς ορίσατε @Akis . Smile You are not the first Greek member of our forum and hopefully you won't be the last. We have several members from https://forum.mens-only.gr
I am personally a great admirer of Faena products and we made several forum projects with Fokion.
Being one of the moderators I had to move your topic to introduction subtopic. I hope you don't mind it. Smile

I think sending your friend to İmpa (http://www.extrashaving.com) would be the wisest decision. If he is not into wet shaving this way you can make a pre order so he just picks things up. Also check the website since lira lost value some known brands will be cheaper than Greece. Καλημέρα. Smile
Not minded at all for the topic movement @ckeskin , i am sorry for the inconvenience i may have caused.

Thank you very much for the added information about the pre-order , i think i'll contact Mr. Mustafa first so my colleague can collect the package. Smile

Faena is a good company and Fokion is a very esteemed member in the Greek wet shaving society , i have purchased the last tallow versions and some after shave balms .Very natural products and with great post shave feel. It's nice to have a good local artizan company in the vastness of merchandised products.

Again, ,kindly thank you for the info !
Hello neighbour, wellcome and enjoy wet traditional shaving.
p.s. nowadays I'm also using black beauty @ 3 for the first pass, @ 1 for the second Smile
As long as you have drinking days than hungover days, you're fine ...
@Akis hoşgeldiniz komşum keyifli forumlar dilerim .
Welcome! Have great shaves and time in this forum Smile
Jilet Yakın tıraş iyidir, tahrişsiz tıraş daha iyi ...

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